ACS Sacramento Participates in CalEPA Earth Day

Once again, the ACS Sacramento Section booth at the CalEPA Earth Day/Take Your Child to Work Day was a big success!  Kids loved playing the recycle game, and parents learned the chemical names of some common plastics. The ACS Earth Day moles are the favorite prize, and hopefully interest in chemistry is kindled by the ACS Earth Day booklets with games and experiments for elementary/middle school students.  Please contact Cindy Castronovo if you’d like to be part of future events like this one!

 Chemist stands at table with child  Mole toy with sign saying Chemists celebrate Earth Day, American Chemical Society

Author: Cindy Castronovo

Cindy Castronovo is the Secretary of the Sacramento Section of the ACS. She is also our 2018 Volunteer of the Year for the Sacramento Section.

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