Executive Committee

Membership on the Executive Committee is open to all members of the Sacramento Section who would like to attend meetings. Contact one of us or check the Events List to find out where the next meeting will be and show up!

Chair 2019 Carla Saunders cmsaunders@ucdavis.edu
Chair Elect 2019 Dean Tantillo  djtantillo@ucdavis.edu
Immediate Past Chair Marc Foster cram_retsof@hotmail.com
Secretary 2019 Cindy Castronovo ccastron@comcast.net
Treasurer 2019 Terry O’Brien terrence.e.obrien@gmail.com
Councilor 2019-2021 Maria de la Paz Carpio-Obeso mcarpio-obeso@waterboards.ca.gov
Alternate Councilor
Slava Bekker  borislava.bekker@gmail.com
Member-At-Large Dean Tantillo djtantillo@ucdavis.edu
Historian Jan Hayes jmhayesacs@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor Andrew Wilkens wilkens.andrew@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor Emily Shea eashea@ucdavis.edu