What is that molecule on the ACS pin?


Image for the ACS Sacramento Pin

Congratulations to our pin contest winner, Petra Vasko! Petra is a Fulbright Scholar, visiting UC Davis all the way from University Jyväskylä in Finland. The molecule she used in her pin design is ArLiTHF2, where Ar = m-terphenyl with flanking mesityl rings, and THF = tetrahydrofuran.



This molecule is a useful synthon, commonly used by the Power research group. The Power group is focused on expanding knowledge concerning the more exotic chemistries of main group and transition metal chemistry. This includes the synthesis of compounds containing multiple bonds between metal centers and the investigation of their reactivity patterns with an emphasis on their interactions with small molecules. Much of this work is accomplished using bulky, anionic m-terphenyl ligands. These ligands, by virtue of their considerable steric bulk, stabilize low-coordinate compounds while allowing interactions between the metal center and small molecules.

By Michelle Faust

Author: Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a Councilor of the Sacramento Section of the ACS. He also teaches chemistry at Sacramento City College.

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