Sherbow and Frias Attend ACS Leadership Institute

Toby Sherbow, UC Davis graduate student, and Janice Frias, scientist at Novozymes, Inc., had the great opportunity to attend the ACS Leadership Institute in Dallas, TX from January 22-24.

Picture of Sherbow and Frias at reception

As relatively new members to the executive committee (Treasurer Toby Sherbow and Alternate Councilor Janice Frias), the ACS Sacramento section wanted to give us the opportunity to be able to help lead our section to success by sponsoring our participation in the Leadership Institute. We were able to attend general meetings on engaging local ACS members, using social media to keep the section informed, and learning from and/or working with other neighboring sections to plan and host successful events. We also chose between interesting offerings of leadership training courses. The wealth of information that we brought back from the general topics mentioned as well as fostering innovation and developing communication strategies will be valuable while serving on the executive committee and beyond. Meeting and connecting with other local ACS leaders was inspirational, and allowed us to learn new approaches to enhance chemical education in our own community.

A couple images from the small session leadership courses and general meetings.

Session at ACS Leadership InstituteSession at ACS Leadership Institute

General Session at ACS Leadership Institute

Not only do we want to share how we are better prepared to help grow our local section and spread chemical education to the Sacramento local section area, but we also want to share how ACS is prepared to invest in the active members of the local section (similar opportunities also exist at the national level). For those ACS members that are considering becoming more involved, leadership-training courses are beneficial for your own career as well as within the ACS. At the end of each day of participation in the leadership sessions we were able to engage in some social time, meeting society members from all over the country and world over nice dinners and receptions.

Written by Toby Sherbow and Janice Frias

Author: ACS Sacramento Section

The Sacramento area has over 900 members of the American Chemical Society in all areas of chemistry.

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