SCC Chemistry Club News Fall 2014

The SCC Chemistry Club is a student run chapter of the ACS and serves all Sacramento City College students who are interested in chemistry. The club does community outreach at nearby schools, field trips to chemistry-related attractions, and projects of all kinds. So far, the club has taken a field trip to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, done glass etching, and executed a liquid nitrogen demo for Earth Day at SCC. The club has many more activities and events planned for this school year.


Students hear about the electron source at the Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

In the works are t-shirt designs for the 2014-2015 year and a water filtration system for this year’s Club Day. The club hopes to have a fully viewable filtration system up for Club Day and maybe have students visiting the booth create their own smaller filtration system to take home. Field trips being planned include visits to MicroMidas, Ruhstaller Brewery, and potentially a visit to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The club also plans to do an outreach to a nearby middle school and teaching the students about spectroscopy.  They hope to let the students at the middle school make their own spectroscope and spark their interest in chemistry.

The officers for Fall 2014 are: President – Daniel Gruber, Vice President – Jasmine Hakim-Elahi, Secretary – Alexis Kennedy, Treasurer – Matt Owen, Marketing/Website – Ada Kwong, Outreach – Bryan McCarthy, Student Clubs Rep – Nicole Ackerman.

The SCC Chemistry Club is advised by Bill Miller, along with co-advisors Vera Alino, Dominik Green, and Joel Hwang.

Upcoming Events:  Club Day – October 2, 2014

Ruhstaller Brewery – November 8, 2014

By Ada Kwong

Author: Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a Councilor of the Sacramento Section of the ACS. He also teaches chemistry at Sacramento City College.

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