SCC ACS Chemistry Club: The New Academic Year Brings New Members and New Opportunities

The Fall 2016 Semester has begun at Sacramento City College, bringing in many new students to the college campus. The summer recess provided the club’s officers with plenty of time to plan for the current academic year. With the summer now over, these plans have begun to set in motion, giving the SCC ACS Chemistry Club an opportunity to invite many new members and partake in student activities. So far this year, the Chemistry Club has held two general meetings for its members, as well as having participated in one Sacramento City College campus-wide event known as Club Day.

Students in a classroom with two speakers at the front of the room

New club members being welcomed to the Chemistry Club by club faculty advisor Dr. William Miller, left, and student club president Austin Thomas, right

The SCC ACS Chemistry Club holds bimonthly general meetings at the Sacramento City College campus. These meetings provide club officers and members a chance to discuss upcoming events and form both personal and chemical bonds. Meetings typically begin with an article shared from the Chemical & Engineering News magazine, an American Chemical Society publication, to grab the audience’s attention right from the start. Each meeting is followed with a chemical demonstration to engage the audience and share some science behind various reactions that are conceptually and visually cool. These segments, known as “Kemistry with Kevin” by club members, serve as an educational portion of each meeting, and have been highly praised among club members and campus faculty alike.

outside, a woman kneeling with a flame under a balloon

Ifrah Qureshi, student club treasurer, igniting a pair of hydrogen gas balloons, with a visible combustion aura.

On Thursday, September 22nd, the SCC ACS Chemistry Club also participated in Club Day, a Sacramento City College event for student clubs to appeal to students who wish to become new club members. The Chemistry Club showcased the reaction between sodium carbonate and acetic acid (the active ingredient in vinegar), while also making slime and test tubes filled with multiple layers of fluids at various densities. Club Day was a successful event for the Chemistry Club, acquiring dozens of interested potential members, and serving as a ton of fun for all participants. The Chemistry Club is looking forward to many more future events!

outside, a table of chemistry experiments with student presenters around the table

The Club Day Fall 2016 booth held at Sacramento City College. Seen here are Ifrah Qureshi, student club treasurer (left), and Michael McKinstry, student experiment coordinator (right).

Author: Austin Thomas

Austin Thomas is the Student President for the Sacramento City College ACS Chemistry Club. He is studying in efforts to become a licensed general practitioner.

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