Executive Committee Members and Members-at-Large

Our current members of the Executive Committee and Members-at-Large who regularly attend our monthly board meetings. Our next Executive Committee meeting will be February 28th at 6pm- location to be determined. We will have a teleconferencing option if you cannot make it in person. Please email any Executive Committee member or Member-At-Large for more information.

Chair Bill Miller millerw@scc.losrios.edu
Chair Elect Currently vacant
Immediate Past Chair Marc Foster cram_retsof@hotmail.com
Secretary Cindy Castronovo ccastron@comcast.net
Treasurer Toby Sherbow tjsherbow@ucdavis.edu
Councilor John Berg jrberg@ucdavis.edu
Alternate Councilor Maria de la Paz Carpio-Obeso mcarpio-obeso@waterboards.ca.gov
Councilor Dena Chubbic chubbid@scc.losrios.edu
Alternate Councilor Janice Frias JCEF@novozymes.com
Historian Jan Hayes jmhayesacs@gmail.com
Newsletter Intern Kate Gibson katgibson@ucdavis.edu
Member-at-large Nirmal Saini nsaini@cdfa.ca.gov
Member-at-large Aimee Bryan aimeebryan@gmail.com
Member-at-large Handeep Kaur kaur.handeep@gmail.com
Member-at-large Michelle Faust mafaust11@gmail.com
Member-at-large Dean Tantillo djtantillo@ucdavis.edu

Sacramento Section

American Chemical Society
P.O. Box 8542, Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Author: Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a Councilor of the Sacramento Section of the ACS. He also teaches chemistry at Sacramento City College.

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