American Chemical Society Student Chapter of San Joaquin Delta College

Our motive is to promote professional development, mentoring, and peer-support mechanisms for undergraduates majoring in chemical sciences. We organize programs, events, and activities in the Chemistry department, reach out to local schools in the community, and initiated a scholarship program for our student members.  Our operation is to visit local schools and demonstrate chemical reactions and phase changes to entice our youth in the community to pursue a degree and career in science. We also have a system specifically for our environmental Chemistry branch, containers were distributed throughout our campus in halls, lecture rooms, and near laboratories to promote the collection of recyclable items. This is to keep our community clean, and protect our environment.

Our members have impacted many students’ lives with chemistry giving them support, enthusiasm, and hope. Most of our members, being first generation college students, were initially influenced by the ACS organization. Growing up in and being so attached to our community we always wanted to give back, we have participated in many local activities, fairs, and volunteer services. Some of our members have volunteered at the St. Mary’s Dining hall and medical clinic. We also helped fundraise and give to the unfortunate. We aren’t a club that is just all about science and labs, we are a family that wants to make a difference in our local community.

Pictures of Club Events

Our members’s statements:

“In high school, chemistry wasn’t my strongest subject, and my instructor never really thought I was fit to be a scientist. This challenge made me more determined to learn the material. I became fascinated with The Periodic Table and now, my intended major is Chemistry. I enrolled in my first college chemistry course, excited to learn the intricacies of individual elements and how they interact. I assembled molecular models for fun and stayed late for office hours because I was so interested in the field. I tried to manipulate chemical reactions, think of other solutions, and took different approaches on experimental theories, and always asked the simple question “what if?” I wanted to explore chemistry and spent more time in the chemistry labs than all the other departments on campus combined. One of my professors, referred me a to the local chapter of The American Chemical Society (ACS). Without hesitation, I joined. For once I was a part of a group where I fit in. This organization opened doors for me and gave me hands on experience working with chemicals; ACS fed my fiery desire and inspiration for chemistry. I was immersed in a world of chemistry; surrounded by chemicals, lab equipment, amongst others who share my passion for learning. I was overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities of reactions all in the grasp of my hands. I loved the atmosphere; I felt intelligence, something that my parents would be proud of. The intelligence I felt wasn’t just about memorizing theories and lecture notes anymore, it was application of theoretical knowledge. I began to reason everyday processes with chemistry. My father never completed high school and my mother only 6th grade. To me being a first-generation college student is emotional, but I was devoted and dedicated through my community college years with the help of ACS, which I feel has prepared me to move on and transfer to continue to do what I love and pursue a degree in chemistry.”

Mohammad Abdel Jabbar (President)

“Joining the American Chemical Society club is the best decision I have made. Before joining ACS, I was reluctant to perform any sort of activities that involved public speaking. I didn’t have an incentive to engage in anything outside of my comfort zone. However, my perspective changed when I became part of ACS’s chemistry shows my second semester in community college. This amazing club has helped me build confidence not only academically, but also personally. It has also helped me view chemistry in a different way. I used to fear chemistry, but now that I am involved in ACS, I realized that it’s a beautiful form of science. I cannot express how much appreciation I have for the impact this club has had on my life. I can truly say I have found another reason to pursue a career in this particular science field. It has also helped me network and connect with several other students and staff that share the same passion for this science field. Without ACS, I don’t know where I would be standing as of now; it’s part of my present and future.”

Maria Charco Munoz (Vice President)

“I am a Junior at San Joaquin Delta College and I’ve been a member of ACS for 2 years now. ACS to me is not just a simple club where one attends and only listens to the meetings. ACS is about working together as a team with members and board members and encouraging elementary and high school students to pursue a career in chemistry by performing educational demonstrations of our experiments and fantastic explosions! It absolutely warms my heart and brings job to my life seeing the reactions of all the students with every experiment performed. Through ACS i have gained laboratory as well as leadership skills and have developed a very close relationship with my chemistry professors throughout my college pathway. I am proud and honored to be not only a member of ACS, but also be a part of the administrative board.”

-Amairany Donate Villalpando (Secretary)

“I have been a part of ACS for almost two semesters now and I can say its been the best two semesters. My passion for chemistry developed in high school but it only expanded after I became a member, and now the Treasurer of American Chemical Society (ACS). Taking a general chemistry class and working hands on in ACS has introduced me to two different perspectives. The demonstrations we prepare and carry out for our audience is the most exciting part. Moreover, ACS has taught me that you won’t always get the right outcome on your first try. It may take a couple of times to get a demo to work out perfectly but it all works at the end. This gives me a greater insight into the real world of how chemists deal with experiments in the lab. It’s been an outstanding experience with all the knowledge I’ve gained so far and to come!”

-Kainza Khan (Treasurer)

“My time spent being a part of the American Chemical Society has provided experiences that helped me grow in many ways. When I was first introduced to the American Chemical Society, I was hesitant to walk in. I felt as though I may not have belonged in the room, because everyone seemed confident and knew what they were doing. However, after joining, everyone there, including the supervisors, helped me grow in confidence. Not only was I able to speak to a crowd of students, but I was also eventually able to become the community representative. Joining the American Chemical Society opened many doors for me, it allowed me to give back to my community, get to know my professors, and helped give me the confidence to go forward with a career in Chemistry.”

                  -Sandra Hernandez (Community Outreach Representative)

After being part of ACS as a board member, ICC Representative, I have met new people who have the same passion for chemistry as I do. This is where I realized that chemistry is more than balancing equations and predicting reactions. In ACS we are able to experience all sorts of demonstrations that puts everyone in awe. This is an opportunity to expand the horizon in the chemistry field and share our knowledge to people around us. The best part is that we get a taste of the “chemistry magic.”

-Karin Khan (ICC Representative)

“I reluctantly joined ACS after being pressured by my sister during my first semester of college. Even though it started out as a reluctant decision, it was the best decision I made during my college years. After watching and being part of the first chemistry show of the school year, I fell in love with the entire idea of the club: inspiring students to continue their education and becoming fascinated by the science world. My interest in chemistry also grew stronger and provided me with a new insight for my chemistry classes. Another great benefit of joining this club was the people I connected with, some who are and will be big parts of my educational and personal life in the future. I can easily say that my community college experience would not have been as amazing without my ACS involvement.”

-Rebecca Rafique (member)



Author: ACS Sacramento Section

The Sacramento area has over 900 members of the American Chemical Society in all areas of chemistry.

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