ACS Sacramento Sponsored Event: Sacramento Section ACS 67th Annual Meeting and Steak Barbecue

ACS Sacramento Section is proud to once again help sponsor the ACS Sacramento Section 67th Annual Meeting and Steak Barbecue. The meeting and barbeque will occur on April 30th, 2016 at the University of the Pacific.

Picture of Tami Spector

Professor Tami Spector

Professor Tami Spector from the University of San Francisco will be the speaker.

Title: Chemistry and Contemporary Visual Art

Abstract: Modern and contemporary artists reveal material and conceptual aspects that are shared by art and chemistry. Some artists specifically self-define their art in relationship to chemistry, while others produce work that can be recontextualized through the lens of chemistry. I will discuss the connection between chemistry and art through the specific works of artists whose works fall into these groups: these include artists who investigate chemical properties, transformation, chemical models and chemistry’s cultural impact.

The flyer for the event is here.


Author: ACS Sacramento Section

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