50 Year Member Kewal Dhami

Kewal Dhami (center)

Kewal Dhami (center)

Dr. Kewal Dhami is being honored for his 50 years of ACS membership. During this time, he has made a number of significant contributions to the chemical sciences.

Dhami received his B.S.(1954), M.S. (1956) and Ph.D. (1965) from the University of Western Ontario. His Ph.D. work involved early carbon-13 studies on a variety of compounds including acetophenones, anisoles, and styrenes. His Ph.D. work resulted in six publications in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry.

Following a post-doc at Ohio State, Dhami joined the Polysar Corporation where he worked on a variety of types of polymer chemistry including the modification, stabilization, and curing of novel polymers. One of the polymers on which he worked was bromobutyl rubber, a significant source of revenue for Polysar.

In 1969, he joined ITT Surprenant (which later became FL Surprenant). Here is where Dhami spent the majority of his career continuing to work with polymers. During this time, he was awarded 12 patents for his work on novel polymers, crosslinking agents, and polymer coatings for wires. A number of his coatings were used by the military.

After leaving FL Surprenant in 1987, Dhami joined Teledyne Thermatics as a Senior Scientist and Manager of Irradiated Products.

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