San Joaquin Delta College Chemistry for Everyone

From a simple cornstarch and water demonstration, to a more complicated one, such as one that turns a clear glass flask into a mirror by the reduction of silver nitrate, the ACS chapter here at Delta College drives itself from sparking the love of chemistry in students.

two chemists with a fireball between them

Students at San Joaquin Delta College put on a “magic” show.

ACS and its members take pride in putting on volunteering events and chemistry demonstrations, that with its glamorous effects, will leave an impact on the students. The San Joaquin Delta College ACS chapter started the Fall 2015 semester on a very busy schedule. The upcoming events bring the ACS chapter excitement.

One of the most recent events was volunteering at the Family Day at the Park in Stockton. The crow of people was enormous. The club members were given a task: to put on hands on demonstrations for the crowd. The ACS members stayed busy throughout the event as kids from different age ranges came up to our tables to try one of our very cool demos. One popular demo was milk and food coloring, that when touched with a little bit of hand soap, the milk along with its colors disperses to make a piece of art.

During Family Day at the Park, the kids were asked to write down their school name, and from those that did, the ACS chapter will pick a school to do a chemistry show later on in the semester. ACS will host a large scale show at Delta College during chemistry week on October 22th. This show will be one of the most thrilling, since we will have demonstrations that can be seen even if you stand all the way in the back of a crowd. With most of our demos including bright colors, and every ones favorite, explosions!

ACS will be hosting another show here at Delta College on November 13th, for a group of students and the LULAC or League of United Latin American Citizens. Afterwards, the members of ACS will be giving personal statements to the students of how the college experience is, the difficulties, but most importantly the rewards.

Lastly, not everything has to be chemistry related when it comes to helping. It has almost become a tradition to go and volunteer at Saint Mary’s Dining Hall, which is a local center here in Stockton, CA where breakfast and lunch is served to the people in need.

With our busy schedule this semester, ACS will continue to provide voluntary services and demonstrations for the future minds of the community. A student from a past event said to us “you are the cool kids” and that meant a lot to the group because we are not just teaching chemistry ideals, but also serving as role models.


Author: Rodrigo Almanza

Rodrigo Almanza is the president of the San Joaquin Delta College Chemistry Club.

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