Sacramento School of Engineering and Sciences – Career Day speakers

The Sacramento School of Engineering and Sciences is requesting speakers for the middle school career day scheduled for Tuesday, February 17th.   There are time slots in the two classrooms available for the following periods: Period 1 (8:15-9:15), Period 2 (9:20-10:20), Period 3 (10:25-11:25), Period 5 (1:05-2:05).  Speakers are expected to talk for 20-25 minutes per class with 5-10 minutes for questions and can sign up for two classrooms during the same period if they like.  Those speakers would present in the 1st half hour in one class and then move to the other class for the 2nd half hour.  This link shows which slots are currently available  If you are interested in signing up please contact me ( and let me know what slots you are interested in.

Author: Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a Councilor of the Sacramento Section of the ACS. He also teaches chemistry at Sacramento City College.

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