High School Chemistry Olympiad: Register by February 12

The local High School Chemistry Olympiad will be held on March 12th at Sacramento City College. To qualify for the National Chemistry Olympiad and, potentially, the International Chemistry Olympiad. ACS provides more information here.

To register a student or students, please contact Mako Masuno by February 12th.

Planned Time:

group of students, one of whom is getting served ice cream

Students ready for their post-exam ice cream!

Exam Begins at 9:30am

Exam Ends at 11:30am

Ice Cream party until 12:30pm

Back by popular demand, the ‘Liquid Nitrogen’ ice cream party will be held after the local examination. We hope this event will reward the students for studying hard for the exam, and also remind the students that chemistry is fun!

Author: ACS Sacramento Section

The Sacramento area has over 900 members of the American Chemical Society in all areas of chemistry.

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