Help! Someone Move My Cheese (Society)!

Of course, I’m referencing the book that my father bought for me as his cheese was moving around, so to speak. Its all about change in life and how to deal with it. He was adapting to a changing workplace that just didn’t exist when he was younger. Very good book. But I have some specific cheese in mind. And I literally want it moved. Down.

If you Google “ACS Sacramento”, we are not the first, second, or third page that comes up. Instead of us, you’ll see the 2014 Meeting of the American Cheese Society, which just so happened to take place in Sacramento.

We need your help! If you like the things that have been going on at your ACS Sacramento Section, then please visit our web site. Even better, link to us!

Bill Miller
Chair, ACS Sacramento Section

Author: Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a Councilor of the Sacramento Section of the ACS. He also teaches chemistry at Sacramento City College.

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