CRC Chem Club: Field Trips and Outreach Planned

The Chemistry Club at Cosumnes River College held its first meeting of the semester on September 21st. We are currently planning trips to visit various labs in the area this year. So far, we are confirmed to visit both the UC Davis and Food and Agriculture labs. One of our main goals is to visit the Department of Justice’s Crime Lab in Sacramento, and hopefully with the help of Senator Galgiani’s office, we will make that happen!

At this year’s Club Activities Fair at CRC on October 14th and 15th, our club plans to sell five awesome chemistry shirts and midterm survival kits to raise money for our club and the Chemistry Department. We also just recently created our very own CRC Chem Club Facebook page to keep everyone up to date with events, share science humor, ask questions about chemistry homework, and to stay in touch with other members of the club. Moreover, we hope to reach out to the community this year by visiting former teachers and presenting various experiments to their students.

We are very excited and ambitious to make this year of Chemistry Club the best one yet!

Our 2015-2016 officers are:
Co-Presidents: Hilary Kane and Karina Kurudimov
Vice-President: Matt Grayberg
Secretary: Rachael Sharma
Treasurer: Vincent Nguyen
Media Director: Nick Yee
Outreach Director: Antonio Donald

Advisor: Shawn Reese, PhD

Dr. Reese has been a full-time faculty member with Los Rios since 1997. He has also worked at J & W Scientific, and is currently employed at Restek. Dr. Reese researches stationary phase and surface deactivations for Gas Chromatography. He has helped invent, or been the sole inventor, of several commercial products. He recently presented his latest research at the International Capillary Chromatography Symposium in Ft. Worth Texas on PAH separations using Rxi-PAH.

Author: Hilary Kane

Hilary Kane is the Co-President of the Cosumnes River Chemistry Club. Her goal is to transfer to UC Davis next fall as a Chemistry Major where she can continue to learn and follow her passion for Chemistry.

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