Councilor’s Report: MarielaPaz Carpio-Obeso, San Francisco Fall 2023

During the event, several ACS committees elected new Council representatives: 

Council Policy Committee (CPC) elected for the next three-year term (2024-2026) are: 

Martha G. Hollomon, Elizabeth Howson, Jeanette M. Van Emon, and Lydia Hines. 

Committee on Committees (ConC) the elected Councilors are: 

Anna G Cavinato, Andrea Twiss-Brooks, Thomas Gilbert, Jeanne Berk and Mathew Reichert. 

Committee on Nominations and Elections (N&E). The elected are Linette Watkins, Arlene Garrison, Zaida Morales Martinez, Amber Charlebois and Jett Duffy-Matzner. Kevin Edgar was elected for a year term from 2024-2025 to fill Silvia Ronco’s vacancy. 

Besides the ACS elected members on the previous committees, other points were also informed during the meeting. 

  • CPC Discontinued the Councilor Travel Expense Program, effective December 31, 2023, and replaced it with the Councilor Alternate Incentive Allotment, effective January 1, 2024. Single payment of $2,00 per Councilor per meeting. 
  • CPC also voted to move and change the name of the Non-Councilor Reimbursement Program to the Volunteer Committee Reimbursement Program 
  • ConC, and CPC, approved the petition to amend the duties of the Committee on International Activities, providing the committee with the same authority permitted to its unit counterparts to assist International Chemical Sciences Chapters with issues arising from officer turnover and other administrative difficulties.  
  • N&E, with the concurrence of the Council Policy Committee, Council approved the petition to add International Representation to the Board of Directors, decreasing the total number of Directors-at-Large from six to five and creating an International District Director. Following the Board of Directors, the amendment to the ACS Constitution will require the support of the two-thirds majority of voting members. 
  • Council approved the creation of the Singapore International Chemical Science Chapter 
  • Society Committee on Publications, Board voted to approve the reappointment of six ACS Journal editors. Names will be announced at the next ACS meeting. 
  • Approval for the ACS Prism Award to recognize a public figure or prominent leader in their field who has a background in chemistry but is working in a different field or is not a practicing chemist. 
  • At the ACS San Francisco meeting, there were 15,019 registrations.  
  • Financially the ACS is in good shape. 

Author: Arlene Laurison

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