68th Annual ACS-BBQ at University of the Pacific

By Andy Franz

On April 22, 2017, the Department of Chemistry at the University of the Pacific held its 68th Annual ACS-BBQ for approximately 110 alumni and friends in attendance. The Sacramento Section of the ACS generously supported the event, which featured Nirmal Saini, chief of the Center for Analytical Chemistry at the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). His talk was titled “The Role Science Plays at the CDFA”. The talk covered many topics ranging from quality control in food crops to organic farming and future prospects of agriculture in the California Central Valley and the world in general. The talk was very well received and interesting to a broad audience ranging from traditional chemists all the way to the non-chemist layperson.

Prior to the presentation, the department honored its outstanding students. This year’s outstanding graduating senior was Isabella Tran (B.S. Chemistry) and Sabrina Noritake (B.S. Biochemistry). Annaroos Nederstigt received the Paul Gross Award in Organic Chemistry. Mingheng Ling and Bianca Nguyen were recognized for outstanding undergraduate research (F. M. Early award). Three students were recognized with endowed scholarships, namely Bianca Nguyen (F.C. Marks), Johnson Liu (Emerson Cobb), and Latimer Harris-Ward (D.+D. Smith). Katie Truong  won the award in analytical chemistry, and the CRC-Freshman award went to Jenica Emerson. The department also named two inaugural recipients of the 2017 Stauffer-Endowed Summer Research Internship (Danielle MacArt and Bianca Nguyen).

Picture Gallery

Jenica Emerson

Latimer Harris-Ward

Mingheng Ling (mentor: Dr. Liang Xue, left, Dr. Jianhua Ren Co-Chair-elect)

Bianca Nguyen

Sabrina Noritake

Isabelle Tran

Author: ACS Sacramento Section

The Sacramento area has over 900 members of the American Chemical Society in all areas of chemistry.

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